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My First HDR Shots With the Canon PowerShot S90

Lily and I took a quick trip over to the Stanford Quad this afternoon to get a bit of exercise and to try out my new Canon PowerShot S90 on some tripod-based HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. I was very pleased with the how well it all worked!

Here’s an example of the results – my full Flickr set is here.

Stanford Memorial Church (HDR)

PS: This tiny camera looks a little silly up on a tripod – but it sure took some great photos! Next time, I’ll try some handheld HDR as well – we’ll see how they turn out. I also need to remember to shoot the HDR shots in Aperture Priority – at least that’s how I do it on my Canon 5D Mark II!

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Post-processed by importing into Lightroom 2.6 (now supports the S90 in RAW). There are 3 RAW images for each “photo”. In Lightroom, I select the 3 images and then ctrl-click to Edit in Photomatic Pro. Lightroom then creates TIFFs of the 3 RAW images and sends them to Photomatix.
I think use Photomatix Pro to perform the HDR creation and tone mapping – with tweaks to get a not too surreal-looking image. I then complete processing in Photomatix, save the image as a JPG and then import it into Lightroom. From there I upload to Flickr. Once uploaded, I delete the TIFF’s (they’re huge!) and then put the 4 images (3 RAW’s and the final HDR) into a stack in Lightroom.
That’s it. Took me about an hour tonight to complete all of that for the 9 images I processed.

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