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More Canon PowerShot S90 HDR Photography – Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

I had such fun on my brief excursion to Stanford yesterday shooting HDR photos for the first time on my new Canon S90 that I got going early this morning for a trip over the hills to Half Moon Bay and environs.

I have several favorite spots for taking shots in Half Moon Bay and I visited each of them in turn this morning while the light was still good and low over the winter horizon. But, of all the places, the best shot of the day came from one of my favorite walks among the cypress trees in the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. See what you think – view it larger here!


The sun glow in this photo is amazing – especially considering that the sun was actually a bit beyond the upper right corner of the photo. Today, I again used a tripod for the S90, shot three JPEG images at 0 and +/- 2 stops in aperture priority, f/8, ISO 80, and post-processed using Photomatix Pro and Lightroom 2.6. (Here’s a link to a similar shot taken last July with my Canon 5D Mark II.)

Shooting HDR with this superb tiny little camera is turning out to be a whole lot of fun! Throw the S90 on a lightweight tripod (it looks so tiny up there!) – and you can go almost anywhere and take some really superb HDR shots – without the weight of a big camera and lens! After all, the only reason I bought the Canon S90 was because of my rotator cuff surgery in my right shoulder about 10 weeks ago which made shooting with my Canon 5D Mark II impossible for a period of time. The S90 has kept me in the game – learning new things about using compact “point and shoot” cameras to make some great photos!

One reply on “More Canon PowerShot S90 HDR Photography – Fitzgerald Marine Reserve”

Great to hear. I just ordered one from Amazon yesterday and can’t wait to put my hands on it.
Hey, what do you use to control the camera shutter button while it’s on a tripod?
May be you should post an article on how you would setup the S90 for 3 consecutive shots with different exposure settings.

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