New Years Day 2010 at the Golden Gate Bridge

We had a quiet New Years Eve last night at home – beginning with a delightful pasta dinner – see the recipe on Scott’s Kitchen!. We worked a jigsaw puzzle while watching’s excellent coverage from Times Square in New York City – conveniently three hours ahead of our own clock. Couldn’t get into the weird Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin coverage on CNN. Hulu was a great, high quality HD alternative – delivered, as they say, “over the top”!

This morning, we had this wonderful light overcast that seemed might make for some interesting pictures – so I slid my Canon S90 into my shirt pocket and headed north to San Francisco – initially to Inspiration Point at the Presidio (appears to be a great place for a wedding but photographically a bit of a disappointment) but then on to Fort Point, the overlook off Langdon Drive above Battery Boutelle, and an old favorite, Baker Beach. As these things go, it was a quick trip – a bit over 2-1/2 hours roundtrip.

The triptych below captures shots from each of those locations – a way for me to remember this New Years Day from each of those locations! Here’s my Flickr set for these shots.

New Years Day 2010 - San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

Hope you had a wonderful New Years 2010!

One Reply to “New Years Day 2010 at the Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. Nice photos, Scott! I agree wholeheartedly about your New Year’s Eve CNN assessment: Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin was weird and unwatchable.

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