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Walking with Chris

At this time of year, even minor milestones seem especially relevant.

For the last six months or so when work schedules cooperate, Chris Gulker and I (and Lily too!) have been doing a twice a week, early morning, 1.5 mile walk (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) around Menlo Park – and really enjoying ourselves!

Before we started walking, I had been following Chris’ blog for the last couple of years – and we finally met for breakfast (at a local favorite – Ann’s Cafe in downtown Menlo Park) over a year ago. For years, Chris and his wife Linda were both active early morning joggers – and Linda continues her blogging about her daily jogs!

Chris is the pro photographer of our early morning walking trio – and he’s the active blogger too! He almost always brings one of his cameras along and gets some great shots! I’ve very much enjoyed our morning chats about photography, politics, and technology. And, Lily enjoys both getting her exercise at the start of the day as well as our post-walk chats (and snuggles!) over coffee!

This late December morning, we took our time getting started on our regular Tuesday morning walk – and we had some great fun chatting about things afterwards. 2009 should be a great year! It can’t get here soon enough!

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