Business Payments

Globally Adaptive Organizations

Forrester’s Navi Radjou has written a report titled “Cisco 3.0 – A New Tech Star Rises in the East” that describes how Cisco is “systematically globalizing its US-centric corporate culture.”

Radjou writes that “Forrester expects Cisco to be the first tech multinational corporation (MNC) to have evolved into a globally adaptive organization (GAO) — a socially responsible and culturally sensitive enterprise with globally integrated assets, talent, processes, and partnerships.”

Perhaps my years with Visa are exhibiting their bias here – but, in the world of card-based payments, at least two of these so-called GAOs have been around for years: Visa and MasterCard. Both of these payments companies have had, almost by definition, “globally integrated assets, talent, processes and partnerships” for many years now.

They’ve both had their cycles of centralized vs. decentralized management structures – but the requirements of global interoperability and local marketing and implementation have led both to truly operate on an integrated global scale.

As traveling consumers, we all benefit when our payment cards can be used for purchases or cash almost everywhere we go – and all within a second or two.

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