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Routing Around Blockage

I’m always intrigued to see how various attempts to block progress are often “routed around.” This morning’s example is the new Google Maps application on my Blackberry 8703e from Verizon. Despite Verizon’s block on sharing the GPS signal in the device with non-Verizon applications (like Google Maps), the new Maps application uses an alternative approach to finding my approximate location – a feature unavailable earlier.

Verizon (or RIM?) wants me to subscribe to their lame maps application and, as a result, doesn’t share the GPS signal inside the device. Google’s found a way around that blockage with the new My Location feature. “The My Location feature takes information broadcast from mobile towers near you to approximate your current location on the map – it’s not GPS, but it comes pretty close (approximately 1000m close, on average).” They’ve even made a short movie about it. Tastes great – and it’s a lot less filling than the Verizon approach. Very cool – thanks Google!

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