Which Browser Would You PIck?

Earlier today, VeriFone announced a deal with Opera – “to develop a secure payment-enabled version of the Opera Web browser.”

Is that the best choice? Did VeriFone make the best choice?

Before you answer that question, see this post about Webkit – the core component of Apple’s Safari browser.

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Yes, they probably made the best choice. Although WebKit is an impressive engine, there’s probably no company on this planet with more experience with embedded browsers than Opera.
The alternative would be to, what, hire a bunch of programmers to familiarize themselves with both WebKit and the VeriFone MX devices, and integrate WebKit? That would probably take longer and be more expensive than using Opera, and I don’t see what they’d gain.
But by all means, please enlighten me if I’m wrong.

Probably a lot of the decision played out behind closed doors, so hard to tell what the final thinking and deal may be. That being said, it seems Opera has a more readily made product/platform for what they want to do and the company has more expertise in the area they are trying to enter. Even though Webkit is open source, it looks like it relies a lot on Apple for maintenance.
I use Safari all the time, and frankly, it can occasionally get flakey! Some pages don’t display right, buttons don’t work ,etc. To Apple’s credit, most of this has gone away the past few years, but it is still an issue. When this happens, I usually switch to Firefox if it is something critical I need to do. (You may ask why I just don’t use Firefox all the time…and I don’t have a good answer…haha.) This may not be an issue in the controlled environment Verifone will be using it in, but who wants to work with potentially problematic code!
BTW, wondering why you didn’t post this on the Glenbrook blog?!?

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