Sunday Morning Coffee

What a delightful late November it’s been this week in the San Francisco Bay Area. Out walking the dog yesterday afternoon, warm and sunny – even though the sun was down low as it always is this time of year. Today dawns crisp and sunny. We’re so spoiled — and have so much to be thankful for!

Parade, the Sunday newspaper magazine supplement, has an article on podcasting (and blogging) in this morning’s edition. Talk about taking podcasting to mainstream America! Unfortunately, no link possible because Parade posts its articles online a week after the newspaper edition — a very weird policy IMHO for a publication like Parade. They say it’ll be posted here on November 28th.

French press. I recently got a small French press for making coffee — we are a mixed decaf/caf family and the regular pot gets devoted to decaf. During the week, I solve my problem by stopping by Peet’s on the way into the office. On weekends, a quick three scoops of Peet’s Ethopian Fancy into the French press, a bit of fresh boiling water, and 4 minutes later a delightful cup of great coffee in hand.

Was reminded this morning about Ole Eichorn‘s classic Tyranny of Email post from a couple of years ago. An oldie but goodie – another thing (and guy) to be thankful for!

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