Workouts Can Lighten Heavy Hearts

About 18 months ago, I started working out with a personal trainer twice a week. After years of never being able to find time to exercise, I simply made time — my appointment is on my calendar and the rest of my life has to “work around it”. Suddenly I had the time to exercise – and everything else adjusted and settled in around it. Delightful. As I’ve told many of my friends, making this small commitment to exercise is among the best decisions I’ve ever made!

The title of this post come from an article on by E.J. Mundell writing about the effects of exercise on depression citing research published five years ago by Prof. James Blumenthal at Duke University.

My personal experience mirrors the points made in the article — when you’re least in the mood for exercise is when it has the most positive impact. Feeling stressed? Take a quick walk — even better yet, make that walk around the park.

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