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Painted Ladies – Victorians in San Francisco

Painted Ladies - San Francisco - 2008

Here’s another view of the Victorian homes across from San Francisco’s Alamo Square known as the Painted Ladies. There are usually several photographers up on this grassy hillside shooting this scene with the combination of the Victorians in the foreground and the San Francisco skyline in the background.

On this particular morning in February 2009, there was a clearing winter store and the sun had just begun lighting part of the city as the clouds remained in the sky. I had been up on Twin Peaks as the clearing began where I saw the opportunity to capture some interesting light and sky in this classic San Francisco shot.

This image was post-processed first as a single image HDR (from my Canon 5D Mark II) using Photomatix Pro and then in Photoshop CS5 using a combination of techniques that accentuate the drama in the sky and the colors and lighting of the Victorians themselves. Click on the image itself to see a larger version.

HDR Photography Photography San Francisco/California

Special Day: Airship Over San Francisco Bay

Airship over San Francisco Bay - 2008

Some days are a lot more productive than others. We all know that. Looking back at my photo archive, this particular day – December 28, 2008 – was a very productive day for me in San Francisco. It was mostly about the weather and sky that day.

This image is one of the examples – the Airship Ventures Zeppelin above San Francisco Bay. I love the tonality in this image. An airship over the Bay is a rare event – and the cloudy weather on this late December day added much more drama to this image vs. the often boring clear blue sky!

This image was shot with my Canon EOS 40D (since sold) using a Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens. As I recall, the vantage point was Twin Peaks. I post-processed it first in Lightroom 3 and then in Photoshop using Nik’s Color Efex Pro 3 and then back into Lightroom for final polishing.

Another example of a special image shot this same day is this Painted Ladies image of the Victorian houses across from Alamo Square. Again, it’s the contrasty sky that adds a dimension of interest to this image along with the clarity and crispness of the homes themselves. It’s one of my personal favorites.

Many photographers talk about the special glow of morning and evening light – and I agree with them about those special times of day. But weather creates other opportunities. Living where I do near San Francisco, it’s interesting weather that gets me into the car driving up toward the City to see what I can find. These are a couple of great examples – shot on the same day in late December 2008.

Painted Ladies - San Francisco - 2008