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Ansel Adams and Edward Weston at the Cantor

Weston by Ansel Adams -— Adams by Edward Weston

Currently there’s an exhibition of over thirty prints by Ansel Adams and Edward Weston at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford. Yesterday I stopped in for a docent tour of the show and enjoyed seeing their prints with Carol’s accompanying commentary.

She started with the two images above. On the left is Edward Weston taken by Ansel Adams. On the right is Ansel Adams taken by Edward Weston. In the exhibition the Weston prints are smaller – 8×10 contact prints in white frames and unsigned on the front while the Adams prints are signed and framed in black. A nice contrast.

The current exhibition draws from the Capital Group Foundation’s gift of 1,000 photographs to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University that includes works by American photographic masters Ansel Adams, Edward Curtis, John Gutmann, Helen Levitt, Wright Morris, Gordon Parks, and Edward Weston.

Carmel/Monterey/Pacific Grove Photography Point Lobos

Looking Back at Point Lobos

Surf - Point Lobos - 2008

This morning I happened across an earlier post of mine from 2009 that pointed to a New York Times Travel section article about Edward Weston and Point Lobos titled “In Point Lobos, Where Edward Weston Saw the World Anew“.

“The place has never been the same since Weston showed it to us. Just as his friend Ansel Adams has defined how generations view Yosemite and the High Sierra, so it is hard to look at the dark ocean, tide pools, kelp beds, sand, stone and bent cypresses of Point Lobos and Big Sur without filtering them through the lens of Edward Weston.”

Around the same time, a friend gave me a copy of Weston’s Daybooks – fascinating reading about his photographic – and other! – explorations.

Looking to do one of my daily photo editing projects, I explored back through my archive for photos I had taken in 2008 from a visit to Point Lobos – and came across the image above. It’s not done in the Weston black and white style – I tried but liked this color version much better!

The original image was shot using my (since sold) Canon EOS 40D DSLR with the 24-105mm f/4 IS lens. It was post-processed in Lightroom 3 and then in Photoshop with Nik’s Viveza and Color Efex 3. It’s the color of that water in the wave and the gentle golden beige in the sandstone that kept me in color, rather than black and white, for this image!