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What a Difference a Day Makes!

On Wednesday, I had Mohs surgery to remove a nasty basal cell carcinoma from underneath the right temple area on my forehead.

Over the last few years, I had had several basal cell’s removed from this area – all with “clean edges”, etc. But, they kept coming back. When I had the last one removed earlier this summer, my dermatologist suggested that there might be something more serious going on – worthy of Mohs surgery.

I expected this might take an hour or two – but, instead, it took all day on Wednesday to finally get a clean removal of the basal cell tumor that had been living underneath a roughly 2×2 inch section of my right temple area.

After the tumor’s removal, I got a half “face lift” as the skin on my right cheek was pulled up and stitched to cover the wound. Fortunately (!), my puffy cheeks had plenty to give – and stretched just enough to cover it.

My doc, Dr. Jon Starr, was superb and did an amazing job with a “difficult patient” (me!).