Third Tuesday

Tuesday Morning Nuggets – November 17, 2020

Glenn Carstens-Peters – Unsplash

M1 Macs review: The Next Generation – Six Colors – “The decision to abandon Intel, seemingly risky when we all first contemplated it a few years ago, has become blindingly obvious in hindsight. These new relatively low-end Mac models, all powered by the M1 chip, are faster than all but the very highest-end Intel Macs.”

The Golden Rule of Pandemic Survival – The Atlantic – “My colleagues’ guidance boils down to this winter’s golden rule for interacting with anyone outside your immediate household: Don’t spend time indoors with other people.”

COVID-19 and Walking Japan – Craig Mod – “What it’s like doing this walk during COVID-19? How stressful is it? How different is it?”

The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done – New Yorker (Cal Newport) – “Imagine if, through some combination of new management thinking and technology, we could introduce processes that minimize the time required to talk about work or fight off random tasks flung our way by equally harried co-workers, and instead let us organize our days around a small number of discrete objectives.”

By the Way, Donald Trump Could Still Launch Nuclear Weapons at Any Time – Wired – “Among the authorities he’ll retain until his final minutes in office? The awesome and awful power to launch the United States’ nuclear arsenal on command.”

Introducing Amazon Pharmacy: Prescription Medications Delivered – BusinessWire – “Customers can now purchase prescription medications through the Amazon online store – convenient and reliable access, without leaving home.”

How to Pretend You’re in Paris Tonight – New York Times – There are countless ways to invite Paris into your home. All you need is a little creativity. And perhaps a glass of Champagne.

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