Monday Nuggets

Monday Morning Nuggets – November 16, 2020

Toa Heftiba – Unsplash

Early Data Show Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Is 94.5% Effective – New York Times – Researchers said the results were better than they had dared to imagine. But the vaccine will not be widely available for months, probably not until spring.

Huawei, 5G, and the Man Who Conquered Noise – Wired – “What gripped him most was solving a challenge that Shannon himself had spelled out in his 1948 paper: how to transport accurate information at high speed while defeating the inevitable “noise”—undesirable alterations of the message—introduced in the process of moving all those bits.”

How The “Experts” Invest Their Money – Can I Retire Yet? – The book is a collection of 25 essays written by financial experts, ranging from financial advisors, journalists, authors, and professional portfolio managers. All shared what they actually do when it is time to put their own money where their mouths are.

Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy – The Atlantic – “What I’ve always believed is that humanity has the capacity to be kinder, more just, more fair, more rational, more reasonable, more tolerant. It is not inevitable. History does not move in a straight line. But if you have enough people of goodwill who are willing to work on behalf of those values, then things can get better.”

The Oral History of CNN’s Election Week – Esquire – It took office naps, rousing renditions of Motownphilly, and a whole lot of coffee.

Walmart Retreats Around Globe to Focus on E-Commerce – Wall St. Journal – Walmart has sold three longtime overseas holdings in less than seven weeks, each at the cost of some financial pain.

California, Love It and Leave It – Wall St. Journal – “The harsh truth is that California has fallen into disrepair. Bad policies discourage business and innovation, stifle opportunity and make life in major cities ugly and unpleasant.”

San Francisco sees nearly 7 foot king tides Sunday, more coming Monday – San Francisco Chronicle – High water was reported Sunday morning along San Francisco’s Embarcadero as well as at other flood-prone spots including parts of the bayshore in Mill Valley and Sausalito.

Best books of 2020: Technology – Financial Times – John Thornhill selects his must-read titles.

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