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San Francisco Streets 2015

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Each year I do a portfolio book of the images I’ve taken during the year. This year, I modified the plan a bit – here’s what I wrote in the book:

For the last four years, I’ve been publishing a portfolio book of the best images I made during each year. The annual process of reviewing my year’s work is both rewarding and somewhat daunting – but it is a delight when the book is finally finished and I’m holding it in my hands!

This year I’m taking a new approach – focusing on doing more “thematic” books based on my travels, events, etc. during the year. For 2015, I’ve already completed separate photo books on my travels to India, Australia/New Zealand and my New York City street photography workshop with Peter Turnley. They’re beautiful mini-portfolios of those events.

This book has a singular focus on the images I made during 2015 on the streets of San Francisco. For the last couple of years, my photo buddy Doug Kaye and I have been regularly meeting at the Ferry Building in San Francisco on Fridays when our schedules permit. We head out from there – sometimes just walking the streets adjacent to the Ferry Building and other times hopping on a Muni bus or streetcar and traveling to one of San Francisco’s neighborhoods. We have a wonderful time – going out “empty” and looking for the good light. We’ve had great fun along the way – and some great lunches! Putting this year’s book together has brought back many good memories of our wandering on San Francisco’s streets!

Almost all of these 2015 images were shot using Fujifilm cameras – primarily the wonderful X100T.

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