On the Streets of San Francisco with the Leica Q

52 - San Francisco - 2015

My photo buddy Doug Kaye let me borrow his new Leica Q to shoot with during one of our regular Friday photo walks on the streets of San Francisco.

The Q is conceptually similar to my favorite camera: the Fujifilm X100T. I’ve been shooting almost exclusively using the X100T for street photography for over a year. It’s a beautiful camera for street work – and has been a joy for me to learn and enjoy.

What struck me about the Q was just how similar it is to the X100T. Both cameras are very easy to shoot with in full automatic everything mode – but both cameras also give you great control over all of the settings you might want to manage manually.

Looking at this initial set of images, I am struck by the tonality of the images – there’s something called the “Leica look” – and the images have just that touch of a special look to them – that’s hard to describe but very much there.

Here are a few more images from today’s exploration with the wonderful Leica Q.

On the Wall - San Francisco - 2015

Waiting for Uber - San Francisco - 2015

Reader - Chinatown San Francisco - 2015

Into the Light - San Francisco - 2015

In the Bag - San Francisco - 2015

Dandelion Chocolate - San Francisco - 2015

Blue Bottle Morning - San Francisco - 2015

Harvest Time - San Francisco - 2015

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