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On the Streets of San Francisco with the Fujifilm X100T Rangefinder

Wonderful World - San Francisco - 2015

I recently shared some of my notes on shooting street photography with the delightful Fujifilm X100T rangefinder camera. Here’s a group of images from our latest street adventure in San Francisco – I was walking with Doug Kaye shooting with his Leica M6 also using a 35mm lens (just like the X100T).

We had a great day wandering up from the Ferry Building along Market Street, down Jessie by Golden Gate University and eventually working our way up Maiden Lane to Union Square. Doug had walked many of these streets recently with photographer Swee Oh – and I benefited from their sharing.

These images show the range of what’s possible in street photography with the X100T. I’ve been concentrating my photography on this particular camera – and it’s becoming second nature to me now as I’m able to see a scene developing and deciding quickly how to setup for capturing the moment. Doug mentioned at lunch how he’s gotten much better at walking and adjusting his manual controls on the Leica as he’s examining the light and subject just ahead of composing and taking the picture. Having this become almost second nature really adds to the delight of street photography!

Hope you enjoy these images from the streets of San Francisco!

Light Up - San Francisco - 2015
Corner - San Francisco - 2015
Shuffle - San Francisco - 2015
Deuce - San Francisco - 2015
Crossover - San Francisco - 2015
Wisdom - San Francisco - 2015
Men at Work - San Francisco - 2015
Passersby - San Francisco - 2015
Out of the Dark - San Francisco - 2015
Smoker - San Francisco - 2015
Peaceful - San Francisco - 2015
Breaking All the Rules - San Francisco - 2015
Dark, Spicy and Mysterious - San Francisco - 2015
Selfie - San Francisco - 2015

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The image with the girl and two guys walking. And it looks like one guy is checking her out. That’s the stuff.

Great work and thanks for sharing. I don’t do much street but It would probably be a great experience and add to my craft and vocabulary.

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