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Birmingham Electric along San Francisco’s Market Street

Birmingham Electric - San Francisco - 2014

On a drizzly Friday in San Francisco, we walked along Market Street heading back to the Ferry Building. It’s fun to get wet pavements – and, sometimes, even reflections – as they’re not all that common in the City.

This is an image of one of the historic streetcars that run on San Francisco’s Market Street – in the livery of the Birmingham Railway and Electric Company in Birmingham, Alabama. The car itself has a subtle sense of motion to it – and the fact that it’s only a partial shot seems to add a touch of drama to the image.

Shot with my Fujifilm X100S. Post-processed in Lightroom 5 and VSCO Film.

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I recently had the pleasure to ride a 1944 electric tram on this route. It was restored beautifully and was fun to experience it. Wish it was not so crowded though where it had to brake every 10 seconds.

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