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Those Spiral Staircases in San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center

Spiral Stairs - Embarcadero Center - 2014

San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center is one of our favorite spots – the architecture is amazing. There are several of these beautiful spiral staircases in the various buildings – here’s one that’s on the inside. I shot the image with my Fujifilm X-E2.

For this image, I chose to focus on the structure and the lighting – emphasizing the color and the texture. I processed it first in Lightroom 5 and then pulled it into Photoshop CC for further adjustments of the shadows/highlights and a bit of simplification using Topaz Simplify 4. A final touch of the oil paint filter kicked up the texture on the tiles.

Back in Lightroom, I used the split toning panel to change the highlight and shadow colors to a more cinematic (orange-ish highlights/blue-ish shadows) to further bring out the colors.

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