The Crosses of Lafayette

Crosses - Lafayette - 2013

On the hillside across from the Lafayette, California BART station is a remarkable memorial to the US soldiers killed in the Iraq war.

Here’s one view – shot with the 14mm lens on my Fujifilm X-E2. It’s a stunning memorial up close. So many crosses, and crescents, and stars all the way up the hill. Up close, it makes one pause. So many crosses, so many lives.

This time of year our thoughts return to peace – this is a memorial that reminds us to refocus on that goal. Peace be with you – indeed.

One Reply to “The Crosses of Lafayette”

  1. Scott, You and I seem to have a similar interest in Veteran’s related memorials. I was at the national cemetery in the Presidio on ‘Decoration Day’ 2013 to attend / photograph the ceremonies there. I also attended the ‘Wreath Laying’ ceremony on the USS Hornet in Alameda that afternoon. Decoration Day, as my grandparents referred to it, was / is a big deal in my family. That was the day that they and I would always visit my father’s grave in the Port Crane, NY Cemetery to clean things up and plant fresh flowers around the stone. I visited that place just a few weeks ago on Veteran’s Day. The link above takes you to my ‘Veteran’s Affairs’ set on Flickr where you can see related photographs. Thanks for posting. Jack Ottaway

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