The View from Red’s Java House along San Francisco’s Embarcadero

Red's View - San Francisco - 2009

One of the first photo workshops I took was with one of my favorite photographers – Chris Honeysett. For a while back in 2009-2010, he conducted a handful of workshops and I was lucky enough to be able to join one of them in San Francisco’s North Beach. I learned a lot watching Chris work with us – him shooting with his big view camera and us firing away with our handheld digital SLRs! I’ll never forget his admonition – “SLOW DOWN!” – take you time and get into the scene before you starting hitting that shutter button!

This is one of the last images from the second day of the workshop with Chris – a day that began very early before sunrise on the streets of San Francisco across from the Transamerica Pyramid. It was one of those August summer mornings – with thick fog hanging over the upper floors of the pyramid’s tower. Afterwards, we had a great time at Embarcadero Center – an amazing place for architectural photography – and then wrapped up the day by heading to Red’s.

This image was a quick grab shot I took from Red’s looking across at one of the old piers and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. I’ve used a bit of Topaz Simplify to smooth the water and remove some of its details – and sharpened the image with Dan Margulis’ Sharpen 2013 action. I enjoy all of the detail in this image – a clean shot with no vignette but many small details to capture my eye.

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