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Monochrome Bones at Filoli

Camperdown Elm #2 - Filoli - 2013

Here’s an initial monochrome version of the Camperdown Elm photo from my walk at Filoli a couple of weeks ago. Handheld shot with my Nikon D600.

For this version, I used Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 do to a black and white conversion, darkening the lawn area up front and adding a bit of color to the highlights.

The “bones” of this tree are so beautiful – and the morning light that morning at Filoli was just right to light it up.

One reply on “Monochrome Bones at Filoli”

Scott, I’d looked at some of your stuff before, in the menlo park paper, but I am finding these so much more expressive and suggestion, evocative even. I especially like the black and white hawaii because its such an unusual and “throw-back” or nostalgic way to look at the islands, but not too corny or cloying with nostalgic as if you had tinted a la Turner or hand colored (not that I don’t NOT like hand colored, I have some glass plates that I did contact prints from that I hand colored, that I still like a lot).

I LOVE the Filoli and want to look at those some more. I have some Easter over night shots that I’ll try to get to you to see what your reaction is, if you don’t mind (?). I don’t really have access to the internet right now so I am somewhat crippled, but will send off, or flicker as soon as I’ve evaluated. Thanks for your posting !

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