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Heading Home

Heading Home - Endeavour - 2012 (B+W #3)

Here’s a final photo of the space shuttle Endeavour departing Menlo Park and heading for Moffett Field and points south.

This version – the last of the shots I took Friday morning as Endeavour passed overhead – shows a wonderful sun angle complemented by treatment in Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2 and Adobe’s Lightroom 4 to darken the sky and kick up the contrast just a bit. A friend suggested it needed some clouds in the sky – but I don’t think so!

Seeing Endeavour pass overhead was a special experience for me – an emotional one. Hard to believe that we’ve now retired these amazing orbiters – the ones we came to marvel at when they launched so beautifully in the Florida sky and that we wept for when they didn’t return home again. Endeavour’s now heading home. I hope the spirit of the space shuttle program lives on – it was an amazing time!