Golden Gate Photography Photoshop San Francisco/California

The Golden Gate – Working on Older Photos

Last night, for a bit of relaxation (!), I took a browse through some of my older, unprocessed images – among the over 15,000 of them in my Lightroom library.

I came across several images that I ended up taking into Photoshop CS6 and applying some new techniques I’ve been learning – mostly from Ben Willmore’s excellent Photoshop for Photographers course on CreativeLive – but from some others as well.

My favorite from last night’s editing session was the image below of San Francisco’s Golden Gate – which I shot on February 24, 2008 using my Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR. I really liked the composition/angle of the shot – and the moody overcast skies.

I worked in Photoshop to enhance the details in the bridge itself – and then added a subtle painterly effect (using Photoshop CS6’s Oil Paint filter) to the ocean itself. The tighter crop helps keep my eye in the frame – with there being lots of fun stuff to look at! Hope you also enjoy it – be sure to click on the image itself to see a larger version!

Stormy Gate

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