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Youthful Exuberance in the Stanford Quad!

Youthful Exhuberance in the Stanford Quad

A few weeks ago on Sunday, July 31, I walked a bit of the Stanford campus with my Canon 5D Mark II in tow – shooting this time with the long Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens. Turns out I had just picked up a new camera strap – BlackRapid – and wanted to try it out while walking the campus.

While walking around the Stanford Quad, I came across this scene of a young man and his Mom heading out toward the Oval. He was just bursting with energy – almost dancing along as he walked while Mom tried to just stare off into the distance. In ten years, I suspect he’ll be a student at Stanford!

In post-processing this image, I decided on a tighter crop than originally shot along with a black and white conversion using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2. I added a layer mask and brought back in the kid’s colorful hat, hat band, shirt and shoes of this young man as he had fun walking.

Shortly after taking this shot, he threw his hat into the air – but, alas, I wasn’t prepared and missed what was probably the best shot! But this one comes close for me!

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