Photography Photography - Canon PowerShot S95 Stanford

Trey Ratcliff’s Photowalk at Stanford

First Shot at Stanford

Last night, Trey Ratcliff and almost 200 of his closest friends descended on the Stanford University campus for a photowalk. This was Trey’s second tour of Stanford – I also attended the first of these photo walks with Trey in February 2010 on a much cooler and drizzlier late afternoon!

This image shows the first spot that Trey picked to setup his camera – on the fountain between Hoover Tower and Memorial Auditorium. The sun was beginning to set, the shadows were long, and the light was beginning to get very special. I clipped a few shots before having to head for home.

This image was shot with my tiny Canon PowerShot S95 – cropped slightly but otherwise unprocessed out of the camera.

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