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Photowalking Stanford with Doug Kaye

Doug Kaye at Stone River - Stanford University

This afternoon I met up with my good friend Doug Kaye (Twitter) for a photowalk around Stanford University. Doug’s photo club had planned an outing to Stanford but illness intruded and the leader wasn’t able to make it. Doug decided to press on – having already rented a special lens for the weekend.

We first headed for the Cantor Art Center – a great spot for both indoor and outdoor (Rodin Sculpture Garden) photography – see also Chris’s Steps – and for lunch at Cool Cafe at Cantor, one of my local favorites. The photo above is Doug shooting Andy Goldsworthy’s Stone River sculpture – just across from the Cantor Art Center.

After lunch, we headed over to the Stanford Quad for more photos. The weather was near perfect – mostly overcast skies, cool temperatures, it was just great! Below is a shot taken as we were walking into the Quad.

Stanford Quad - Stanford University

I’m looking forward to seeing Doug’s work – he tried some unusual composite shots as well as pretty fully exercising the tilt-shift lens he rented. [Update: here are a few of Doug’s shots!]

Here’s a link to my full Flickr set from the walk. Most of these were shot with my Canon 5D Mark II using the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L lens. A few were shot with my Canon PowerShot S95. The tags on the photos have the details.

Stanford is one of my favorite local subjects – here’s a link to the full collection of my Stanford photos.

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