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Walking Memories

Lily and I took a walk late this Sunday afternoon along Menlo Park’s Santa Cruz Avenue where this weekend’s Fine Arts Festival was beginning to wind down. I parked on Crane Avenue and we walked down towards El Camino and then back up the other side – ending at Chris Honeysett‘s booth.


Lily is one of those dogs who everybody just loves. She’s got those big eyes and a curious personality that just makes her a people magnet. When we walk along a busy street like we did this afternoon – or yesterday afternoon on the Stanford campus – she captures many admirers. Some, especially the kids, want to “just pet her” – which she enjoys. They almost always talk about how soft she is – and, yep, she is oh so soft.

Lily and I were walking along Santa Cruz Avenue this afternoon when I heard someone say “I know that dog!” – a woman walking with her teenage daughter. Both with big smiles on their faces. Sure enough, she looked familiar. As she explained, her family and her dog Coco – a black poodle – shared puppy training classes with Lily back in the day – some seven years ago. She didn’t have Coco along – but she talked about how she remembered Lily from those puppy days – and how those Lily eyes could capture your heart.

Driving home, I remembered another random Lily memory – perhaps the one time I was really, really worried about her. We were over at my folks’ house in the Berkeley hills and, as happens, the front door of their house was left slightly ajar. Lily, off leash inside and curious as she always is, found her way outside – silently.

A few minutes later I realized she was gone – and panic ensued! Uh oh, was she out in the street?

A minor posse was quickly assembled and together we went running down the hill shouting her name. A car pulled up and said “Are you missing a dog? She’s right down there.”

And, there she was – coming back to me – running to Dad – right up the middle of the street. Took my breath away. Oh, what a memory! Good memory…

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