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Implemented Facebook Comments

Earlier this afternoon, I implemented Facebook Comments here on my personal blog. It was trivially easy. There’s a WordPress plug-in available called, appropriately enough, Facebook Comments, which was a quick install and a straightforward configuration to enable. Once configured, the comments were active.

I fretted a bit about one configuration option – should I leave the old WordPress comments on – or just enable the new Facebook comments system? I decided to leave the old comments on – the new Facebook comments are positioned above the WP comments on the individual post pages.

I made one tweak to the Facebook Comments php code to add a link to #respond just above the Facebook comments section. By default, that link goes to the WP comments from the home page – and I didn’t want that. If someone wants to add a new comment, I’d prefer they do so using the Facebook commenting scheme. [Update: Scratch that – version 3.0 just became available – we’ll see whether I try to make that change again – or not! Turns out I did make the mod – it’s now in facebook-comments-display.php!]

Time will tell whether this makes sense or not. MG Siegler just wrote a post about the experience with Facebook Comments on TechCrunch. Meanwhile, I must say it’s a trivial implementation for a WordPress blog. Yet another example of Facebook extending its reach!

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Should You Move Your Home Page to Facebook?

This afternoon Palo Alto’s Bling Nation began redirecting its home page on the web to its Facebook page instead.

I asked Co-CEO Meyer Malka “what’s up with that?” He replied:

“Our Facebook page has real users experiences and content and not some corporate vision or messages. Facebook allow us to show the real Bling, all good and bad things are there for anybody to read. We are fortunate to have customers. Who better than them to say what Bling is all about?”

Is there anyone else you know using their Facebook page as their home page?