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Two Years Walking

Beginning on July 15, 2008, Chris Gulker and I (along with Lily, our Cavalier King Charles spaniel) began a regular walk routine every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Most days, we walked a 1.5 mile loop around Chris’ neighborhood – chatting about all manor of things, events, life and just generally enjoying each other’s company. Lily always managed to keep us moving – tugging as she always does on her leash and helping to protect Chris and I from the big SUVs she’s convinced are barreling down on us.

We became great pals along the way – as we logged what I figure is over 250 miles of walking together. We finished our walks and conversation over coffee – just a great way to begin a morning!

This past Monday – marking our rough two year anniversary of these morning walks – Chris, Lily and I took another one of our walks around the neighborhood. But, our walk this particular mid-July morning was a short one – just around the block.

As Chris wrote over the weekend on his blog, there was the terrible news last week that several new tumors had appeared in his brain. The physical effects on his stamina had begun to weaken him – so we kept this walk short.

I’m now in Asia traveling on business – but I’m looking forward to getting home again soon for what I hope might be a few more short walks with Chris. He’s a great pal, helping me get some much needed exercise, teaching me a bunch about so many things – photography, cooking, technology, faith and more – but, most importantly, sharing his wonderful perspectives on life.

As he and Linda bravely confront this terrible disease, they are always in my thoughts and prayers.

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