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Photowalking the Maker Faire 2010 with Doug Kaye

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Earlier this week, Doug sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in joining him for a photowalk at today’s Maker Faire 2010 being held in San Mateo. What perfect timing! I’m coming off a dreadful week at work – looking for a bit of time outdoors and anxious for more exercise! (With Chris and Linda off in France, my twice-weekly walks with Chris just aren’t happening!)

Even better, my right shoulder is now essentially back to 100% – after my dreadfull “massive tear” just about a year ago. Since that tear happened, my “big camera” – Canon 5D Mark II – has just been sitting in its case, having been replaced by my little Canon Powershot S90 – something I could manage with the shoulder mostly out of commission. While I’ve great fun with the S90, I’ve been looking forward to getting back out with the 5D Mark II!

So, this morning I took Caltrain from Menlo Park to the Hillsdale Station and walked the 10 minutes to the Maker Faire event. What great fun it was – lots of fun stuff to photograph in great (if a tad bit cool) weather. Doug and I spent almost four hours doing a big loop of the Faire grounds – shooting til our heart’s content!

Scott LoftesnessMostly, we were shooting with our 70-200mm zooms – firing them wide open (f/2.8) in aperture priority to maximize the bokeh backgrounds. Doug’s a Nikon shooter (D90) while I’m a Canon. Check out our Flickr sets – here’s Doug’s and here’s mine!

Thanks again to Doug for the invite – it was great fun to be back in action with the big camera again!

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