Menlo Park Weblogs – Our Hyperlocal Blog about Menlo Park, California

For the last several months, we’ve been incubating – a “hyperlocal” blog about Menlo Park, California. My partners in this endeavor are Linda and Chris Gulker – active bloggers in their own right.

We started on a whim, after a chat about hyperlocal news blogs over coffee last summer. Since we started, Linda and Chris have really managed the near daily cadence of blog posts for InMenlo. It’s been great fun to watch it grow – and to learn more about the people and places of Menlo Park in the process!

Today, the Almanac – the local newspaper for Menlo Park, Atherton, Portola Valley and Woodside – ran a story by Sean Howell titled “Menlo Park blog captures local life, people, vignettes” about what we’ve been doing with InMenlo – noting that “InMenlo sketches the community, and the people in it.” Indeed – that’s what we try to do. Explore what’s interesting and fun about the people and the community that is Menlo Park.

If you have suggestions about things we should cover, please email them along to!

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