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The Zepp Over San Francisco – iPhones and Lizard Brains

IMG_0491-300x400.jpgIt was another one of those stunning Spring mornings in San Francisco today – perfect (if a bit warm!) for all those Bay to Breakers crazies!

On my walk into the UCSF Conference Center in Mission Bay, the Zeppelin poked through on an early morning cruise (8AM) over downtown SF.

I was heading to UCSF to attend day two of an O’Reilly iPhone application developers workshop – trying very hard to get my lizard brain around things like Objective C-2.0, XCode 3.1, and the iPhone SDK (pre 3.0).

I must say I came away from my iPhone training with a new found respect for successful iPhone application developers. My experience at the workshop reminded me of why air traffic controllers generally retire by age 40. Beginning around that age, they just can’t keep the spatial relations all in their head to be safe.

The iPhone SDK brings to mind similar notions – iPhone app development seems to me to be a young person’s skill! These folks at Stanford seem to be perfect candidates!

The O’Reilly workshop was great – and I got through it just fine. But I came away with a real appreciation for the effort required to build a great iPhone application! I’m just not sure my ideal bank branch locator app will be coming to your iPhone screen anytime soon! Maybe you’d settle for my Tic-Tac-Toe game instead?

Where did I put my RPG programming manual, anyway? 😉

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