Photography San Francisco/California

My San Francisco Bay Area Photography Favorites: Pep Ventosa

Among the photographers here in San Francisco Bay Area whose work I really enjoy is Pep Ventosa.

I first came across Pep’s work at a street fair in Menlo Park a couple of years ago. Pep’s a very talented photographer who’s equally talented in Photoshop composition. When you see his booth in a street fair, you’re immediately drawn to it – his work is striking.

Pep has two primary styles of work – the first is to me a “patchwork” collage style – he calls this style “fragmented photographic works” – while the second is much more of an overlay style – he calls this style “the collective snapshot.” Both of Pep’s styles are very visually striking – while being very different. Some very beautiful work indeed.

Pep’s also active on Flickr – be sure to check out his photostream there. See also this article about Pep’s work by Leba Hertz in the San Francisco Chronicle (from January 2005).

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