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Honda Civic Hybrid Update

It’s been almost exactly 19 months since I traded my Audi A6 4.2 for a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. In my last update on the car – after only 100 days – I commented “So far, I’m really pleased with the change.”

Windmills at Birds Landing with my Honda Civic Hybrid

Nothing’s changed. I’ve now got over 23,000 miles on the car, it’s been in for service (oil change, tire rotation – cost about $80 each time) twice, and continues to be just what I need for getting around.

Mileage lifetime to date is now about 43 miles per gallon – this car actually gets better mileage as it’s driven and, probably more signficantly, as the driver learns how to stop being such a lead foot!

All in all, this car turned out to be a great choice for me – even if not perfectly ideal in the creature comforts category (the position of the handbrake handle against my right leg is something I’ve learned to grin and bear!).

One reply on “Honda Civic Hybrid Update”

I’ve got 131K on a 2003, 5 years, 2 months old.
43 mpg overall (says 45 but it’s off by about 2 mpg because the speedometer is off). Cruze at 75, goes up the grapevine, going into LA at 70 in 3rd and passes all the SUV’s.
Tires at 80K, Brakes at 100K, new battery module, 131K (free in Ca). Just oil changes.
Business card in the right front corner dash panel to kill the rattle.
Very spoiled, got a Acura rental while they work on mine and it’s $10/day in gas, normally $6.

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