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Kindling Away

Just after Thanksgiving, a new Kindle e-book reader arrived on the front step and I’ve been reading much more ever since. I was one of the first day orderers – and, other than obsessing about when it would arrive (it was Thanksgiving week after all) – I’ve been very happy with my Kindle experience since then.

Others have written a lot about their experiences – with some disappointments noted regarding the design, the case, the DRM, etc. One of my colleagues commented that the design would have been an Apple prototype about 18 months from product release – meaning how much more work on improving the design that he thought was needed to bring it up to Apple-like design quality. It is true that when you demo the product to friends, they love the screen and the features but almost always conclude by saying “It is clunky, isn’t it?” Brings to mind the old Volkswagen Thing.

While it’s not perfect, I’ve come to appreciate the functional design of the Kindle. With the cover folded back over, it’s a delight for me to use reading with one hand. The next page keys are right where my fingers want them – much easier to use for linear reading, IMHO, than clicking on a touch screen would be.

The whole online store experience is about as good as it gets. Selecting, buying and then receiving the whole book on the Kindle in less than a minute is really amazing. My primary frustration is wanting to learn daily what’s new in the store and available for purchase – that’s not easily accomplished from the device itself nor, for that matter, in the Kindle Store using my Mac’s web browser.

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