Old Shoes, Talking Shoes

My Sunday shoes are a pair of roughed up Birkenstock walking shoes, the kind they just don’t make anymore. I bought them maybe six or seven years ago at a Birkenstock store over in Oakland – and they tell me the style (sorta Timberland-ish) just didn’t take off and wasn’t continued.

Too bad, as they’re my favorite knock-around, go for a walk in the park kinda shoes. They were my primary shoes for a year or two and then got sidelined into being just the Sunday play pair when the Mephisto’s came along.

Walking around Sharon Park with Lily this morning, for some reason I started trying to think of all of the places these shoes have taken me. That’s the good thing about walking early on Sunday – the sheer randomness of my thinking! Actually, thinking makes it sound like work – the sheer randomness of my Sunday early morning thoughts!

But, back to the shoes, the extremes, I think, are Bergen and Sydney – with Mendocino, Carmel, and Woodstock thrown in for good measure. They’ve certainly seen lots of places and lots of faces. Now, if only these shoes could talk!

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