San Francisco/California

Our Big Blow

WeatherRadar-31Dec2005-930AM.jpgWe had a doozy of a winter storm come through the San Francisco Bay Area early this morning. Intense rainfall and heavy, gusty winds at our place in Menlo Park. Out back, we had a strong stream of water flowing off the hill – reports of over an inch of rain per hour at some locations around the bay.

The weather radar picture shows most of the front having moved through at this hour – with forecasts for just some lingering showers the rest of the day. While it’s stopped raining, the blowing continues with strong, gusty winds.

Up in Napa, the Napa River is approaching a historic crest of almost 30 feet which one radio report this morning says is a “major event” – not a 100-year flood but at least a 25-year flood.

We’re supposed to get another one of these Pacific winter storms coming through tomorrow evening.

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