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Scott’s ‘Lazy-S’ Easy Oven-Roasted Tri-Tips

Update: for the latest version of this recipe, please see my Scott’s Kitchen version.

Note: this recipe is for oven roasting – very easy to do with great tasting results. Perfect for cooking indoors when the weather isn’t cooperating for outdoor grilling!

For our Christmas Eve family get together, we like to serve main course meat entrees that are really easy to eat in a buffet style setting – without formal sit down dinner place settings for every guest. Most of our guests will be eating with their plate in their lap, so something lovely like a slow-roasted prime rib just won’t do.

We’ve settled on serving a combination of honey baked ham, just heated to room temperature in a 450 degree oven for little more than 5 minutes, and beef tri-tip roasts. The ham is super easy to prepare, comes basically pre-sliced (spiral cut) and preparation literally requires unwrapping it, putting it briefly in the oven to warm and then choosing which serving platter to use to present it! A couple of choices in gourmet mustards to accompany the ham and that half of the main course is ready to go!

For the tri-tips, we usually get three of them and try different rubs/marinades. My Dad particularly likes his beef plain – so one of the tri-tips will always just be salt and pepper rubbed. The others get a bit more exotic! But the rub’s not the point – the easy preparation in the oven is what these tri-tips are all about.

If you live on the San Francisco peninsula, you’ll want to try the marinated tri-tips available from these three meat markets: Schaub’s in the Stanford Shopping Center (Fred’s Steak), Draeger’s in downtown Menlo Park (Frank’s Steak) and Bianchini’s on Alpine Road in Ladera. Schaub’s, in particular, is famous for Fred’s Steak – and perhaps it’s the original of the darkly marinated variety. Both Draeger’s and Bianchini’s sell similar versions – but give each of them a try to see which you prefer.

Doing the tri-tips in the oven sacrifices a bit of the smoky flavor from the Weber BBQ version — but the super-easy preparation and not having guests following me out onto the patio!) makes the oven version perfect for winter-time cooking and entertaining. But you’ll want to do the rubs (or marinades) enough in advance to ensure the beef ends up being very flavorful.

I call these my “Lazy-S” tri-tips – Lazy-S for Lazy Scott!

(Added: December 26, 2005)


1. After breakfast on the day you’re entertaining, prepare the tri-tip using whatever rub or marinade you prefer. I like to use coarse sea salt (applied heavily) along with whatever rub I’ve chose. For the plain version my Dad prefers, it’s just the coarse seal salt and some fresh ground pepper. After rubbing/marinading, put each tri-tip into a large Ziplock-style plastic bag, remove as much air as possible, seal it, and put it back in the refrigerator. Have a nice day!
2. When you’re ready to cook, here’s the drill. Allow an hour from this point to serving.
3. Take the tri-tips out of the refrigerator and their Ziplock bags and begin letting them warm to room temperature. Place the tri-tips into a suitable oven roasting pan (I prefer to use Pyrex baking dishes because they clean up so readily!) Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
4. When the oven’s warmed up to 450 degrees, put the roasts into the oven and roast for 10 minutes at 450 degrees.
5. Open the oven and cover the tri-tips with aluminum foil. Reduce the heat to 350 degrees and roast for 15 minutes.
6. Open the oven and remove the foil. Continue roasting at 350 degrees for a final 15 minutes.
7. At this point, the meat has roasted for a total of 40 minutes and should be just right for medium-rare — but you can’t serve it yet. Remove the tri-tips from the oven and re-cover with foil. Let them sit for 15 minutes outside the oven.
8. Now they’re ready! At 55 minutes from when you started, remove the foil, place a tri-tip on a cutting board and slice 1/4 inch slices diagonally across the grain. Each slice will end up being 1-4 inches in length. Serve on a platter with accompanying sauces – BBQ sauce, steak sauce are good to have along side.That’s it. Enjoy! Serve with a side of Perfect Roasted Potatoes for a special treat! (Note that a second oven may be required for their combined preparation because of the temperature gymnastics used in both recipes!)

4 replies on “Scott’s ‘Lazy-S’ Easy Oven-Roasted Tri-Tips”

We made this tonight – using a grass fed Oregon tri-tip from Whole Foods. For that kind of beef, it was more like medium-well – so a bit shorter cooking time would have worked better – but it was still delicious and very tender!

For tonite’s dinner, I googled “roasted tri-tip” just for timing and you were 2nd in the results! I ended up adding another 10 minutes or so just because the tri-tip was pretty big. In any event, your instructions worked out really well, and this worked much better than using the indoor grill. Thanks, Scott!

I made the oven roasted tri-tip and it came out exactly as the recipe said. Very good, moist and juicy. I have never oven roasted a tri-tip only bbq. The perfect roasted potatoes were fantastic. Mine alway stick and tear apart. These were perfect and browned to a tee!!! Thanks for the wonderful recipes.

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