Saving Building 25

Alan Hess writes in today’s San Jose Mercury News about Building 25 on the old IBM campus in south San Jose.

As the R&D building stoking IBM’s future, Building 25 was the crowning jewel of the campus. Firmly committed to modernism, Bolles used a steel structure to create clean, rectilinear buildings. Glass walls circle most of the building to bring in light and views of the masterful landscaping plan by landscape architect Douglas Baylis. Outdoor terraces are an integral part of the work space.

For its day, it was a wonderful building. My years at IBM in the mid-80’s involved lots of meetings in Building 25. IBM’s leadership in magnetic storage technology was rooted in that building. Now it’s about to become a home improvement store. Reminds me of a recent chat with a friend — everything’s ultimately going to be made in China meaning that the only viable American businesses that will be left standing will be distribution companies — like Lowes!

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