Aubri Zamo

I wrote earlier about the recent workshop I took in Santa Fe taught by Cira Crowell. One of the best parts of the workshop was being able to work with several excellent models during our photo shoots.

Aubri Zamo was the first model my group worked with – and we had a great time photographing her in several different settings. This is one of my favorites – outside on the deck overlooking Santa Fe in the distance. Shot with my Sony RX100M6, edited in Lightroom, Portraiture, Silver Efex Pro 2, and Snapseed.

Pieces of April

It’s funny how inspiration happens! Recently I was listening to an oldies playlist when Three Dog Night’s song Pieces of April began playing. It’s one of my old favorites but I hadn’t heard it in a long time.

The song got me inspired to take a look back through my images doing a search for all that had been taken during the month of April. I came across this image from south of Market in San Francisco that was shot during one of my regular photo walks with my friend Doug Kaye. It’s on a walkway between Mission and Stevenson Streets by Golden Gate University. On this particular morning the sun was bright and relatively low making for a very high contrast and shadows. Somehow the title of the song stuck and this this image inherited the title!

Image taken April 24, 2015 with Fujifilm X100T.

Early Spring along Sand Hill Road

It’s early spring here in Menlo Park and the drive west into Woodside and Portola Valley along Sand Hill Road is one of my favorites. Along the way there are several wonderful old trees – including this one, perhaps my favorite! Shot with my iPhone Xs Max.

Early Spring

Happy Seventeen!

Today is the 17th anniversary of the start of my personal blog here using the domain. It all began on November 25, 2001.

In my first post, I wrote about Amazon having free U.S. shipping on orders over $99 (that’s changed since then!). In a second post that day, I wrote about an article in the San Francisco Chronicle talking about why writers enjoy living in the San Francisco Bay Area (I wonder whether that’s changed – given the current cost of living, etc. in this area!).

I had played around earlier creating a personal web page (using an early Microsoft web page editor named Front Page) but when I started this edition on November 25, 2001 I was using Radio Userland. Sometime later I migrated it to TypePad and later again to WordPress.

With Peter Turnley in New York City


Last week I participated in one of Peter Turnley’s Streets of New York Workshops. I’ve been to a number of photography workshops over the last few years – but this one with Peter was quite special.

Peter’s workshop was all about celebrating life – and using the camera to capture life as it evolves right in front of you. As one who has shot a lot of street photography, I appreciated his distinction between street candids – shot anonymously from a distance – and street portraits that are shot while directly engaging with the subject.

I spent the first two days of the workshop frustrated – as I wasn’t confident enough to engage with anyone. On the third day – our trip out to Coney Island – it all clicked for me and I had a great time interacting with people who were just enjoying themselves – as I was – at the beach.

Watching Peter work, he brings a wonderful balance to his approach – one that both is disarming in how he approaches someone on the street and then very serious as he does his work – shooting perhaps 20-30 images once he’s secured their agreement.

Peter brings his life experiences as a photography into the workshop – adding real depth and meaning to the experience. This was a beautiful workshop experience for me – one that I highly recommend. You can view my images from the workshop here on Flickr.



Last Friday I was in South Dakota for a family event that included the burial of my Dad’s remains along with the celebration of the 140th anniversary of my great grandfather’s family being part of eleven covered wagons who left Minnesota to settle on Homestead land grants near Garretson, South Dakota. This road runs along the stateline boundary between Minnesota and on the left and Iowa on the right.

Sneaking Up on Christmas

It’s an early grey – but warm – morning outside here on Christmas Eve.

We’re already getting ready for a big family get together tonight at our place. Lots of goodies, family chat, gifts, food and drink. I’ll be heading out to the store shortly for some last minute supplies, trying to avoid the crush.

I’m really looking forward to things slowing down just a bit over the next few days – before that inevitable bustle of everything cranking back up to full speed again begins in the New Year!

Best Christmas wishes!

Saturday Night Radio

San Francisco - June 4, 2005On this beautiful early June Saturday evening in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ve been listening tonight to several audio streams.

First up was the latest Gillmor Gang (MP3). After listening to 3/4 of this show, I concluded that I’m just too old for any of what they’re discussing to actually matter. Jon Udell and the rest of the gang seem quite interested in what Macromedia and Adobe are about to announce in terms of extending Flash as a platform. I’m happy for them — but I frankly could care less. (Actually, it sounded like Steve and Doc felt the same way!)

After exhausting that topic, the Gang examines what Microsoft’s Office 12 XML strategies are all about — and, once again, I feel that I’m just too old to understand and appreciate their points of view on this subject. I left Microsoft behind a while back and haven’t looked back! Maybe some S&P 500 corporate CIO’s are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for those Microsoft Office 12 XML formats?

Too bad podcasts are so one-way — so “broadcast”. Frankly, this particular podcast demands somebody calling in and asking the participants “who cares!”

Maybe that’s the next step in podcasts – duh – making them “two way” via Skype (or iChat) call-ins?

After trying to understand the technobabble of the Gillmor Geeks, the best “radio” of the evening turned out to be Halley Suitt‘s Memory Lane interview with Meg Hourihan over on Doug Kaye‘s IT Conversations. Turns out Meg’s Mom had a lot to do with Meg’s interest in computers. Like Meg, I also spent a lot of online time in the 80’s on CompuServe and it was a lot of fun to hear her talk about her experiences learning about both computers and online services.

Oh, by the way, the ads are gone. After experimenting with Google’s AdSense ads on my personal blog for a while (to see what I could learn about their targeting effectiveness), I opted to drop them all tonight.