Kathleen Norris

Last night, author Kathleen Norris spoke at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church.

I’d skimmed her earlier books Dakota and The Cloister Walk years ago — but that was a long time ago! My family has its American roots in South Dakota — which is what drew me to her writing originally.

I found Norris’ talk last night full of wonderful insight. Her poetry (separately published from her more popular books) is really superb. She punctuated her talk last night with several of her poems.

As it turns out, Norris lost her husband to cancer about a month ago. She has decided to continue with her speaking engagements — because she knows it’s what he would have wanted her to do. Godspeed!

One reply on “Kathleen Norris”

I have been reading “Amazing Grace” for morning devotions. I met Ms. Norris last May at the Festival of Homiletics in Chicago. “Discovering” this artist has opened my eyes and lifted the burden of ‘words’from my preaching. I would like to use this book as a study with my congregation and I wonder if Ms. Norris has penned any discussion questions for us to glean and ponder?
Beverly Kelly, Midland, MI

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