Apple’s new announcements

Last night, I listened to a Quicktime replay of the Steve Jobs’ keynote at yesterday’s opening session of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. As usual, he does a superb job covering a lot of territory — and product announcements. Impressive stuff.

I especially enjoyed the comparison slides between Panther (Mac OS X 10.3 – coming later this year) and Microsoft’s Longhorn – coming sometime in 2005? The code names tell the whole story. Reminded me of a local dairy’s slogan (Berkeley Farms): Cattle in Redmond? Moo!

Featured was the “world’s fastest personal computer” — based upon the IBM PowerPC 970 chip. Over on the IBM website, there’s a great excerpt from an issue last fall of Microprocessor Report that details the state of that chip at that time. Turns out some things have gotten better (like bus bandwidth) between then and now. I particularly noticed power consumption — jumping from something like 20 watts on the G4 to 42 watts on the G5/970. Presumably some power control stuff will follow — allowing a newer version of the 970 to be incorporated in PowerBooks — but maybe that’s for next year not 2003?

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