Tim Oren: Blog lock-in?

Tim Oren comments about the potential for blog tool lock-in on either the client or server (hosted) side.

Like Tim, I’m also using “Radio Userland” as my client-side tool — but I suspect I won’t be using it all that much longer. Innovation at Userland seems to have stalled recently — at least from my perspective — and other tools are emerging with much cooler features.

I do appreciate the open back-end of Radio allowing me to have my static weblog hosted on other than Userland’s servers. Anyone thinking the weblog hosting business is their next great revenue play better figure out how users can point their own domain names to the weblogs that are being hosted.

Using arcane URL’s for weblogs is another user turnoff (I was formerly known as, for example). Was I proud to tell anyone about that URL? Nope. Radio allows me to host it on another server using my own domain/URL. But I really don’t want that either. What I want is my own domain pointing at a web hosting provider’s server with my stuff.

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