Sunday Notes: Sun, Microsoft, and Pyra, etc.

Some contrasting perspectives on the technology industry this Sunday evening…

Steve Lohr in Sunday’s New York Times reports on Sun’s difficulties. Lots of folks out here in Silicon Valley are worried about Sun. Right to be worried — or wrong? The scuttlebutt I hear says that government customers are keeping Sun afloat. Surely, there’s more to it than that?

Brier Dudley in the Seattle Times this morning reports on Microsoft and Bill Gates at middle age. It’s obvious that the pace of innovation out of Microsoft has slowed dramatically over the last couple of years — with the leadership changes and the legal challenges taking their toll. Microsoft faces many of the same challenges as Sun in the enterprise environment (i.e., IBM and Linux). On the desktop, Apple and Mac OS X is winning over the hearts and minds of the “alpha-geeks”.

David Gallagher writes in Monday’s New York Times on Google’s acquisition of Pyra and what that might mean for weblogs — and, particularly, for weblog software developers.

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