A Backlash in Washington?

As the Iraq situation continues to unfold, I’m fearful that one of the unintended consequences of it all is going to be much less willingness on the part of this Bush and other future administrations to seek consensus on issues of international security through the United Nations.

I certainly don’t know any of the facts, but I’d guess that the more hawkish members of the administration — who resisted Colin Powell’s recommendation to use the UN to build consensus originally — are sitting there with “I told you so” looks on all of their faces. Seeing this morning’s media coverage with headlines like “Antiwar rallies delight Iraq” just makes the moment that much more poignant.

The next time around — whatever crisis that may be — I’d expect the inclination to be even stronger to take action without attempting to go through any UN consensus building. If so, that will be one of most unfortunate results of the anti-war protests now taking place around the world.

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