Simon gift card sales soar

Simon Property Group announced this morning that sales of its new gift cards in 47 trial malls were up 30 per cent over gift certificate sales in 2001 during the month of December.

Simon partnered with Visa to pioneer the Simon Gift Card as part of its
commitment to provide shoppers with new innovative products and offerings that
further enhance the shopping experience. The new gift cards provide customers
with the convenience of a payment card that utilizes the Visa processing
network and is used with the ease of a check card. Shoppers can use the
Simon Gift Card, a prepaid card, anywhere Visa is accepted, like the many
stores and restaurants within Simon malls nationwide.

2 replies on “Simon gift card sales soar”

This card is a total rip off. There difficult to use. Lots of places have problems taking them and your charged a monthyly fee. So if you dont use it soon after recieving it the value starts to dwindle. Once there less than 5.00 on the card your might as well throw it away, nobody will take it.

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