Russell Beattie: Universal Personal Proxy

I really like Russell’s thinking re: a universal personal proxy.

I’m sitting here with “Radio Userland” and Groove running in the background (a couple of truly THICK clients!) doing just a part of what I really need.

I’d love to have Brent Simmon’s NetNewsWire on my Windows XP machine too (Mac OS X only — I run it on my iBook where I’m also playing with Movable Type!) — then I’d probably ditch RU’s news aggregator as Brent’s is much cleaner and quicker.

I’m also running two IM clients (AOL IM and MSN Messenger — yes, I know about Trillian “qbullet.smiley” ). But I want more — I want to be able to aggregate other, non-RSS (for the moment) content too. Maybe Mitch Kapor’s Chandler will evolve along these lines? Maybe not? This sorta feels like the opportunity that Borland seized back in the DOS days when they launched SideKick on the world.

Important Question. What’s the business model for something like Russell’s UPP?