Boulder Daily Camera: Across the wireless spectrum

Erika Stutzman reports on FCC Chairman Michael Powell’s recent speech at the Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications meeting. Powell’s remarks:

Nevertheless, we are still living under a spectrum „management‰ regime that is 90 years old. It needs a hard look, and in my opinion, a new direction. Historically, I believe there have been four core assumptions underlying spectrum policy: (1) unregulated radio interference will lead to chaos; (2) spectrum is scarce; (3) government command and control of the scarce spectrum resource is the only way chaos can be avoided; and (4) the public interest centers on government choosing the highest and best use of the spectrum.

Today‚s environment has strained these assumptions to the breaking point. Modern technology has fundamentally changed the nature and extent of spectrum use. So the real question is, how do we fundamentally alter our spectrum policy to adapt to this reality? The good news is that while the proliferation of technology strains the old paradigm, it is also technology that will ultimately free spectrum from its former shackles.

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