Mitch Kapor: Open Source Applications Foundation

Mitch Kapor has a new weblog — mostly dedicated to his work with the Open Source Applications Foundation. Dan Gillmor has more in his Sunday San Jose Mercury News column.

Code-named “Chandler” after the late mystery novelist Raymond Chandler, the software will run on the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Initially, it will be aimed at individuals and small businesses, but it’s also being designed as a platform upon which other developers can build useful software and services of their own.

As Mitch describes in his weblog, the first product will be a new, open source, personal information manager. The breakthrough features he envisions revolve around information sharing and exchange — without requiring a central server ala Microsoft Exchange. This is a great project!

Our small consulting practice would really welcome this kind of peer-to-peer sharing ability. We just want to do our work, not waste our time managing an Exchange server. Microsoft has a different agenda — trying to force us to spend our money on Exchange server to get the sharing features we really need. Some sort of integration between OSAF’s PIM and Groove (which we’re becoming increasingly dependent upon) would also be wonderful! [Tnx: Scripting News]

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